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I. Annual Report 2017 


      According to annual plan for FY17 HFHT intended to serve 13515 families/individuals. This was planned to be achieved through following projects and initiatives:   


  1. Serve 10000 families through delivery of HSS and ITA in partnership with MFI and FI partners.    
  2. Build capacity of 3000 individuals through: DRR trainings (2500) and CTA/EE trainings (500).
  3. Support 15 families to retrofit their vulnerable homes in earthquake prone Kumsangir
  4. Serve 500 individuals through advocacy project.


Program development and improvement targets can be summarized by following main points:


  • Expand HSS/ITA services both in country and on regional level
  • Continue partnership project with Frankfurt School of Business and Management within KFW Housing Finance project and ensure participation of HFHT in the second phase of project.
  • Implementation of HFHT DRR&R strategy through active collaboration and resource development: ensure long term collaboration with HFH Germany      
  • Building capacity to develop and implement advocacy strategy and plan, networking and development of pilot project concepts.
  • BTC – develop new lines of business for BTC such as construction services through open tenders, innovative technologies/projects, construction- consultancy services in HMF and construction market, etc.


II. Results Summary and Implementation Review


  1. Project Results Summary


      Despite the lack of tangible progress made towards financial sustainability FY17 became another productive year - 18 982 households/individuals served, annual target was overachieved for 40%. This mainly thanks to ongoing collaboration and projects in DRR and market development directions.       


Detailed list of families served by intervention type and category:


Breakdown of families/individuals served by projects


  1. Activity Review projects 
  1. Housing Support Services (HSS) and Institutional Technical Assistance (ITA)


  • Delivery of ITA to FIs/MFIs within KFW Housing Finance Program                                                                                          


      Started in 2015 the first phase of KFW Housing Finance program has been finished in early 2017. Although second phase of the project does not include TA services HFHT and Frankfurt School of Business and Management (FSBM) agreed to continue collaboration and deliver demand based services to partner financial institutions (PFIs). Based on the monitoring results and observation HFHT developed electronic construction calculator designed to help loan officers to develop and/or check construction budgets. To present and transfer know-how HFHT developed new training model and so far delivered this customized training  four 3 leading financial institutions such as Arvand, Eskhata Bank and First MicroFinance Bank (FMFB). The LOs training is one day training where all participants practice preparation of estimations using electronic calculator for each most common type of interventions such as foundations, walls, roofing, floor, doors and windows and other finishing works. The training was provided by HFHT HFHT master trainer and engineer. During the reporting period 69 Los from 3 PFIs have received this training.  


  • Collaboration with Eskhata Bank

      HFHT and Eskhata Bank continued collaboration formalizing by MoU and started during the previous fiscal year. Within this collaboration HFHT provides Eskhata Bank technical assistance (TA) to support Banks’ loan officers and other staff to support them in delivery of housing loan. The TA mainly consists of provision of educational materials – construction/renovation manuals and booklets: how to build home, renovation/repair, energy efficiency and green energy products, earthquake resistant techniques, etc.  During the reporting period Eskhata has been empowered to deliver housing loan to 13299 clients.  


  • ITA services on regional level


      HFHT serves as a regional hub for provision of Institutional Technical Assistance services (ITA) for HFHI partners, financial institutes in CIS countries like Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Starting from January 2017 HFHI/EMEA with an assistance of NO Tajikistan started technical assistance activities connected to housing microfinance program in Kyrgyzstan. The objective of the assignment was to support HFHI/EMEA in delivering ITA services to Salym Finance in Kyrgyzstan.

     ITA services include: a) assist in hiring and orientation of Construction consultant/specialist; b) monitor and evaluate of the construction consultant work; c) share existing materials for adaptation; d) Provide comments and recommendations for improvement to the construction consultant work. During the reporting period HFHT helped Salym Finance to hire and orient local construction consultant. In close coordination with local consultant and Salym Finance team 7 types of brochures and leaflets were developed. HFHT trainer/engineer in tandem with MFC master trainer delivered CTA training to 15 Salym Finance LOs and other staff members in Bishkek.     


  1. DRR – capacity building through training and retrofitting


      This project is the  continuation of the key component of HFHT  disaster risk mitigation program through building capacity of target communities in earthquake-prone zones on locally affordable and applicable anti-seismic construction practices.  


         In the course of reporting period through this intervention HFHT trained 2029 individuals in 25 communities  on earthquake resistant house construction and house reinforcement techniques through the introduction of locally available/affordable technologies such as Mulberry Technology and Sinj (timber framing), developed in close collaboration with the Institute of Seismology of Tajikistan.


         The construction activities included the retrofitting of 17 houses in most vulnerable communities in Kumsangir, Panj and Rasht districts. The participants provide their labor and locally available materials such as mulberry twigs, clay, straw, etc. Practical component is a key one as it helps participants apply the learned knowledge in practice and gain skill.


       In order to reach increased number of beneficiaries HFHT used it’s unique position and integrated DRR into existing projects  such as partnership with local financial service providers where they offer housing finance products that provide access to affordable home improvement financing combined with construction technical assistance (CTA) by HFHT. This project integrates and delivers DRR as critical part of CTA to ensure that self-build meets the local codes and mitigate major disaster as this will specifically target people that are investing in their homes and have an immediate opportunity to employ the technologies project promotes. Through this integration the project reach more than 1600 families.


         HFHT conducted feasibility study on flood and mudslide risk and affect in project target communities and other vulnerable areas of Sughd, DRD and Khatlon. The purpose of the study was to learn the risks and impact of the flood in vulnerable communities, level of preparedness and risk reduction measures taken by communities, authorities and others. The study methodology included desktop research and interviews with local community, local authority and international organization representatives. Study results will help HFHT to enhance project design and integrate new components to better respond to the existing need of target communities.


  1. Building and Training Centre:


       In 2016 series of changes has been integrated in BTC operation that included closing of BTC branch in Kumsangir, relocation of center in Asht due local government’s failure to fulfill its agreed responsibilities and shifting the focus on new opportunities – new lines of business for BTC such as construction services through open tenders. In 2017 the orders of BTC plastic workshop, the only operating and income generating component of the center, has been drastically reduced. For example production/sale of plastic products for the period of Jan-May 2016 made TJS 101381, and the same indicator for the same period of 2017 makes TJS 26380 which results 74 % decrease of production/sale. Thus, due to inevitable decline in production caused by financial crises as well as unhealthy competition in the market it was decided: 


  • To close production workshops and BTC office in Asht district. Equipment, remaining raw materials and products in stock should be sold. Raised amount would keep and support BTC operation in “funding saving” mode until new business opportunities found.   
  • To relocate BTC office to Khujand. It’s planned to move only administration of BTC to Khujand. Due to high and unhealthy competition in Khujand city it is decided not to move Production workshops.
  • To focus on provision of construction services through open tenders, innovative technologies/projects, construction- consultancy services in HMF and construction market, etc.

Construction Services through open tender

     BTC has won ever first tender for provision of construction services for the amount of 209358 TJS ($24K). Construction services include renovation of roofing (1300m2) of administrative building in Khujand city. All activities such as planning, construction process daily management and supervision, reporting and coordination with relevant institutes to agree, implement and hand over the project had been successfully carried out by BTC within 3 months period.        

Water Filter

       In Konibodom  district,  300  pre-fabricated  water  filters  were left  undistributed in  warehouse  for  years due to  various interrelated reasons. Local governments of 3 districts in Sugd province, namely Konibodom, Jabbor Rasulov and Spitamen, have expressed interest in collaboration with HFHT to install WFs in their respective communities. Collaboration MoUs were signed with all three respective government offices. Out of 300 WFs 170 of them were distributed and installed in Konibodom, 51 in Jabbor Rasulov and 79 in Spitamen district. Total number of people that will benefit from access to improved water is 1650. Each beneficiary family has been trained on use and maintenance of WF and received user manual.

 Production in FY17:

        In the course of reporting period basically only one workshop of BTC, plastic workshop, produced and sold plastic doors and windows. 

Next tables provide information on production and sales during the reporting period in Asht:




  1. Summary of major program development activities:  
  • DRR projects supported by HFH Germany and ADH have been successfully implemented and funding of EURO 80K secured for the next phase of the project in FY18. 
  • Service Contract signed with First MicroFinance Bank of Tajikistan to formalize collaboration between partners aimed to support delivery of housing loan products of the Bank through development and provision of customized construction and renovation educational materials/manuals/brochures. 
  • Serving as a regional hub for provision of Institutional Technical Assistance services (ITA) for HFHI partners, HFHT has successfully provided ITA connected to housing microfinance to Salym Finance in Kyrgyzstan. 
  • New line of business for BTC has been explored. BTC has won ever first tender for provision of construction services. Construction services included renovation of roofing of administrative building in Khujand city. 


  • HFHT was represented and conducted presentation in the conference “Energy Efficiency Solutions for the Rural Housing Construction” organized INGO “Geres” and OSCE office in Tajikistan. 
  • New advocacy project concepts/proposals developed: “Condominium development”, “Housing Forum”. 
  • Continuous improvement of TA services maintained: demand driven educational materials (brochures, guides) developed; training delivery capacity of engineers/trainers improved. Habitat HSS service pack enhanced and shared with potential new MFI/FI partners. Two CTA/Energy Efficiency trainings conducted for FI partners in collaboration with AMFOT and in the framework of KFW Housing Finance project for total of 39 loan officers.
  • Two project proposals ”Strengthening Youth resilience through building skills” and “Empowering women rights to housing and property” developed and submitted to US Embassy for Small Grant funding opportunity.


  • HFHT and HFHI submitted project concept (urban slum communities and climate change resilience) for funding program called “Amplify” in partnership with the Rockefeller Foundation’s Global Resilience Partnership and made through the 3rd phase.


  • Opportunities for development and implementation of pilot advocacy project have been sought both through local partners and HFHI/EMEA. Advocacy project concept paper “Empowering women rights to housing and property” has been developed and submitted to WB.
  • Cooperation proposal developed and sent to ADB on possible collaboration within new phase of Access to Green Finance project: trainings and awareness raising. 
  • Project Proposal developed and submitted to UN Trust Fund – end violence against women. 
  • Other partnership and funding opportunities sought through UNDRMP, GFA Consulting Group, AMFOT, ADB, etc. 
  • HFHT Program Director participated in Staley Leadership Institute course organized by HFHI in Atlanta, US.