Building and Training Center

Habitat for Humanity Tajikistan with the support of CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency) and Habitat Canada established Building and Training Centre. The Centre with manufacturing and training facilities designed to provide employment opportunities and enhance self-employment opportunities for disadvantaged groups, while simultaneously increasing the capacity of the target communities to improve their living conditions and unskilled women and men through the provision of accredited vocational courses integrated into the government education system. Some of the major project results:

- Over the years, more than 1000 students gained knowledge as well as practical skills through the short term (3 months) accredited courses resulting in enhancement of employment and self-employment opportunities for poor, low-income, unemployed. Unemployed and unskilled individuals finished courses on welding, carpentry, general construction, electrician, computer and sewing. According to monitoring results around 70% of graduates have been able to get employed in and outside the country. 

-  The production workshops of BTC throughout the project produced varied type of products including energy efficient plastic doors and windows, energy saving stoves called “Vulcan”, school furniture, school uniforms, aerated blocks, cement blocks, Bio-sand water filters, and other products of carpentry and welding workshops.

- Housing conditions of low-income families improved by making decent housing more affordable through the in-house production of building materials, use of cost-effective construction materials, and provision of affordable housing loans. More than 500 homes have been renovated/completed in 3 years;

- The population in vulnerable and remote rural communities gained practical knowledge and skills related to general and safer house construction practices. A higher degree of disaster preparedness ensured through educating people in simple disaster mitigation practices that will create safer living environments in the extremely seismically active project areas through building, renovating and maintaining safe and decent homes.

- BTC provides other services such as construction services through open tenders, innovative technologies/projects, consultancy services in Housing Microfinance and construction market.