Green Finance


In 2014 HFHT has made major step in green energy and energy efficiency when in support of Access to Green Finance project, ADB has assigned HFHT for consulting services that included needs assessment and awareness-raising and training (especially among women) to increase buyer and lender awareness and interest in green energy solutions and maximize its’ benefits to women. During the project lifespan whole range of interrelated project activities have been carried out such as vast need assessment, varied types of trainings on community and institutional levels and awareness raising seminars where more than 6000 people (around 70% women) were involved in 7 districts covering 3 major provinces of the country. Below are the main project accomplishments for the whole project period:


  • 1000 individuals, including 700 women, participated in awareness raising seminars and meetings.
  • 40 women CBO members from 7 target districts have been trained through ToT “Improving Your Home: Building Energy Efficient Future”.
  • 21 trainers of partner Financial Institutions have been trained through TOTs on “Improving Your Home: Building Energy Efficient Future”. 
  • 70 loan officers trained on green energy and energy efficiency integrated CTA and equipped to deliver green loans
  • Capacity of 15 HFHT CTA engineers who work at partner FIs affiliates have been improved through ToT “Improving Your Home: Building Energy Efficient Future”.
  • 1200 schoolchildren including 600 girls are trained and informed of solar stoves/cookers use, maintenance and production.
  • A customized guide (booklet) “Energy efficiency and alternative energy sources” developed and 2,500 copies distributed to inform recipient on types and advantages of energy efficient and green energy facilities/technologies.
  • A baseline data on general level of awareness and knowledge of energy issues, green energy and efficiency measures generated for future reference.
  • Being equipped with knowledge, skills and necessary materials women CBOs continued delivery of trainings in their own communities outside the project funding. Out of the 40 trainers 12 started training others and approximately 250 more women in rural communities benefited.
  • In the framework of preparation for Access to Green Finance project partner MFIs continued capacity building activities following the project. MDO IMON in collaboration with HFHT CTA engineers delivered series of trainings to loan officers to equip them with necessary knowledge and skills to deliver green loans. More than 140 loan officers were trained.