ITA in CA region


HFHT serves as a regional hub for provision of Institutional Technical Assistance services (ITA) for HFHI partners, financial institutes in CIS countries like Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Most regular services provided by HFHT include:


  • Evaluation and demand assessment
  • Housing loan product development and/or improvement
  • Training of LO and staff
  • Support in hiring and orientation of construction consultant
  • Monitoring and mid-term and end of project evaluation
  • Development of educational materials aimed to clients and support in design and content of promotional materials;

Since 2014 HFHT provided services to FI “KMF” in Kazakhstan, “Azer Credit” in Azerbaijan and “Salym Finance” and “Companion” in Kyrgyzstan. 


Collaboration with KMF

MCO “KMF” is the largest microcredit organization in Kazakhstan.

Midterm evaluation of a project was conducted assisting MFC consultant hired by HFHI/EMEA on February 2015. Objectives of the evaluation were set as: Collect evidence about the outcome and impact of housing loan. HFHT’s role was to assess and evaluate whether interventions complete on schedule? Which renovation guides clients got, did they use any of them, which ones? Was the conducted training for trainers useful?

As the result of the evaluation, consolidated report on monitoring was provided. Pilot confirmed a big supported demand for the housing product. Product performance is in line with the high quality of portfolio of other core KMF products. Housing product posed to become a significant contribution to the offer to KMF clients further strengthening its position on the market as a socially driven financial service provider to mid- lower-income population.


Salym Finance and Kompanion

Within the collaboration project pre-evaluation of existed housing product conduct for two big microfinance organizations in Kyrgyzstan: Salym Finance and Kompanion on March 2015. Evaluation was led by a consultant from Microfinance Center, and HFHT assisted the process.

The housing loan at both MFIs is separated from other financial products. Not supported by any technical assistance. An engineer (HFHT) assessed interventions and provided a brief report on conducted evaluation. Based on monitoring and assessment there were developed brochures on 4 CTA topics: “Foundation”, “Wall construction”, “Cover” and “Flooring”. The brochures were provided for review and adapting.

Recommendations and suggestions were provided on improvement of the product. Further activities will be conducted according to developed work plan and provided recommendations from Microfinance Center.


Salym Finance

Starting from January 2017 HFHI/EMEA with an assistance of NO Tajikistan started technical assistance activities connected to housing microfinance program in Kyrgyzstan. The objective of the assignment was to support HFHI/EMEA in delivering ITA services to Salym Finance in Kyrgyzstan.

ITA services included: a) assist in hiring and orientation of Construction consultant/specialist; b) monitor and evaluate of the construction consultant work; c) share existing materials for adaptation; d) Provide comments and recommendations for improvement to the construction consultant work. HFHT helped Salym Finance to hire and orient local construction consultant. In close coordination with local consultant and Salym Finance team 7 types of brochures and leaflets were developed. HFHT trainer/engineer in tandem with MFC master trainer delivered CTA training to 15 Salym Finance LOs and other staff members in Bishkek.