Construction Technical Assistance (CTA) and Housing Micro-Finance Loans



In order to be able to respond to the overwhelming housing need and deliver services in a timely and affordable manner, serving exponentially more families, HFHT initiated partnerships with financial institutions so that one of the core competencies, being the financial service delivery, can be outsourced and delivered through a partnership network while HFHT provides variety of housing support services (non-financial services); providing institutional technical assistance (builds capacity of partners), and facilitates access to additional housing investment.


Collaboration with IMON International


In March 2011 HFHT and MFI “Imon International” started partnership to support and assist families in improving their housing condition by enabling them to access the financial resources and technical assistance. HFHT provides Institutional technical assistance (ITA) to partner in development and improvement of housing finance product, monitoring and evaluation of project, developing capacity of loan officers and staff to deliver housing microfinance product. More than 350 loan officers have been trained in 15 affiliates of IMON throughout the country. 14 HFHT engineers permanently being placed in IMON’s offices provided Construction Technical assistance designed to equip and empower target group to take control of their home improvement and maintenance process (expert technical advice in prioritization of needs and construction, cost estimating, construction scheduling, material and contractor selection, quality evaluation to ensure the best value for money).

This partnership has helped more than 20000 families/more than 100 000 individuals in more than 30 districts of Sughd, DRD and Khatlon districts improve their living condition through implementing home improvement.  In the first year (2011) IMON provided own capital, after the pilot project Micro Build Fund invested $4M. Micro Build (MB) is a social investment fund established and majority owned by HFH International that mobilizes capital to invest, primarily debt capital, in sustainable housing finance products designed for the poor in developing countries.



Collaboration with MDO Arvand


HFHT and MDO Arvand started collaboration in 2012 and served  more than 10000 families by provision of housing and housing improvement loan empowered by construction technical assistance. 

While “Arvand” provided access to housing loan of $1000 - $20000 USD, HFHT equipped and empowered target group to take control of their home construction and improvement process through provision of access to expert technical advice.


Major services provided by HFHT include:


      -    CTA service by HFHT engineer on and off-site (with/without visits)  -  prioritization of needs and construction, cost estimating, construction scheduling, material and contractor selection and quality evaluation to ensure the best value for money according to the homeowner’s needs and capacity.

  • Monitoring of 15% of served clients: Monitoring on quarterly basis are conducted by HFHT engineers and timely reports and recommendation provided to consider.


  • Training for LOs: more than 20 CTA trainings provided for loan officers.


  • Impact assessment: assessment was conducted to identify the impact of loans disbursed on the extension of living area (new construction, extension of existing space, etc).   



The formal collaboration was temporarily stopped in July 2016 and currently partners are looking for opportunities to resume.  Most probably next phase of partnership will involve only delivery of demand driven ITA.


Collaboration with Eskhata Bank and First MicroFinance Bank of Tajikistan (FMFB)


HFHT signed MoUs formalizing collaboration between HFHT and Eskhata Bank as well as between HFHT and FMFB.  HFHT provides for these 2 banks technical assistance (TA) to support Banks’ loan officers and other staff to support them in delivery of housing loan. The TA mainly consists of provision of educational materials – construction/renovation manuals and booklets: how to build home, renovation/repair, energy efficiency and green energy products, earthquake resistant techniques, etc.