About Habitat for Humanity Tajikistan:

       Habitat for Humanity Tajikistan (HFHT) is a housing development organization focused on shelter and it has developed a range of programs and projects in such strategic directions like Disaster Risk Reduction, Advocacy, Investment and Technical Assistance, WASH. Working since 1999, thanks to diversified projects and strategic partnership HFHT has been enabled to support more than 30 000 families to build, repair and renovate their homes and provided access to clean and safe drinking water for 2,500 families in rural areas. More than 5000 individuals have been trained on disaster response, construction and vocational skills, financial education and health and hygiene. Being a national representative of Habitat for Humanity International, HFHT is supported by regional and head office build capacity, grow and operate to contribute to the global mission of eliminating poverty housing.  


       The objective of the assignment is to support organizational fundraising activities and increase funding opportunities.

 Likely duties and responsibilities of the volunteer:

 Fund Raising:

  • To research and source suitable funding opportunities;
  • To prioritize potential funding opportunities according to the best possible match between the scope of projects activities and donor interests;
  • Support in writing concept and full proposals;
  • To create/update a database summarizing the range of donors/organizations potentially interested in funding/collaboration;
  • To collaborate on networking, marketing and communication efforts where needed;
  • To support team in developing tailored/suitable projects/products to potential corporate donors.
  • To support other activities as needed in regards to fundraising;


     Support in creation of fundraising and funding diversification strategy:

  • To support in development of a fundraising strategy in alignment with Habitat for Humanity

Tajikistan strategy to expand program outreach in Central Asia region;

  • Fundraising strategy should focus on following sources:
    • fundraising from FOI (foundations, organizations, institutions );
    • fundraising from local/international corporates;
    • selling services(ITA/Housing support services);
    • public sources of funding, local and national government;